At SolutionWire, we transform complex and costly IT systems into simple, value-driven solutions. Our focus is on making IT infrastructure and applications a strategic asset, allowing our clients to focus on their core business without worrying about technology. With expertise in web-based application software, infrastructure support, network monitoring, and managed services, we serve the healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, and financial services sectors.

Our SharePoint experts offer comprehensive services to enhance your platform. From custom site branding and design to optimized content management and governance, we help you get the most out of SharePoint to meet your business needs. Our engineers specialize in custom development and integration, delivering tailored solutions that go beyond out-of-the-box configurations. With a focus on collaboration, search, migration, and application integration, our team will work with you to ensure a seamless and efficient SharePoint experience. Contact us today to learn how we can help streamline your operations and drive success through SharePoint technology.

Intranet Enterprise Portal Development

Portals and sites that enable enterprises to leverage SharePoint technology to optimize their operations and decision making.
  • Scaling and managing enterprise portals for large organizations;
  • Integrating disparate systems into single, scalable solutions;
  • Knowledge base solutions through document repositories and SharePoint search.

Extranet Consulting, Design and Deployment

Designing and implementing extranet sites using SharePoint technologies that allow businesses to collaborate with external partners, vendors and customers.

  • Defining overall strategy and requirements;
  • Implementing security policies based on business needs;
  • Configuring forms based authentication for access;
  • Design, development and deployment of extranet portals;
  • Providing tools for easy administration.

Portals for Content Management, Organization, and Collaboration

Solutions that enable employees to publish, manage and retrieve content quickly and securely Collaboration solutions that empower team collaboration and increased efficiencies:
  • Configuring SharePoint sites that allow multi-dimensional organization of content allowing users to navigate or find content in multiple meaningful ways;
  • Providing control on delivery of content (including audience based targeting of specific content)
  • Team sites, collaboration dashboards, best practices and team process repositories and workflow integration;
  • Organization wide document collaboration.

Business Forms and Integration Services

SolutionWire can help streamline business by rapidly and effectively implementing forms-based processes:
  • Design and publication of business forms using standard Web browsers or a rich client applications such as Microsoft InfoPath;
  • User access control and management;
  • Integration with structured systems including databases and other line of business applications.

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Our SharePoint consultants turn SharePoint complexity into solid designs that work well for companies big and small. Microsoft Sharepoint software is recognized as one of the most essential products in an enterprise environment.