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Our Consultants will find the right solutions to your unique business goals.


At SolutionWire, we specialize in creating intelligent digital experiences and solutions that simplify complex applications and processes. Our focus is on delivering user-friendly experiences that are both stylish and functional. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and coding practices to build on top of reliable and secure Microsoft systems, including SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Azure, and the Power Platform. Our team of experts is dedicated to transforming these widely used business applications into intelligent workspaces and collaboration hubs, with sleek designs and intuitive automation. We believe that technology should be a seamless and effortless part of our clients' operations, and we work tirelessly to make this a reality. Contact us today to see how we can help you get the most out of your technology.


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1. Our Service

Our Service

"Embrace digital transformation with the help of a dedicated IT partner. The recent technological advancements have transformed the way we work and increased productivity. Partner with us and leverage the power of innovative technologies to drive operational efficiency and reach new heights in your business."

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2. Our Approach

Our Approach

Our developers bring extensive experience to every project, having worked on major projects across North America. Their portfolio includes complete intranet solutions for top clients such as banks and financial institutions, as well as successful migration of large amounts of sensitive data for government departments from all SharePoint versions to SharePoint Online. With a proven track record of delivering quality solutions, our team is ready to tackle your most challenging projects.

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3. About Us

Get To Know Us

Our focus on excellent customer service sets us apart in the industry. Our team of experts work closely with SMEs to understand their business needs and provide tailored technology solutions using the latest cloud technologies. With a proven track record of successful deployments, we have the experience and expertise to help SMEs unleash the full potential of technology to drive their success. Partner with us and let us help you navigate the ever-evolving world of technology.

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